- October 11, 2020

How Long Do You Have To Wait After Abdominoplasty To Start Exercising?

Regular exercise will keep your skin and muscles in good shape beyond the many other health benefits of sport. However, the patient will have to wait sometime before being able to perform exercises. This waiting time will depend on various factors.

You should not strain your abdominal muscles for 15 days after the operation. The area will indeed be particularly tense, and the patient will need to rest. Once these two weeks have passed, the patient is advised to start with short walks, the pace of which he can gradually increase, as long as he does not feel any discomfort. It is not recommended to do any other kind of exercise during these first weeks.

After 4-6 weeks, once the sutures have been removed, the patient can resume sport. However, he will have to get back to it gradually so that his body can adapt smoothly to the physical rhythm before the operation. The body is indeed weakened from having undergone a surgical act. Your doctor will decide whether or not you can resume exercise and at what intensity.

What Are The Recommended Exercises To Improve Tummy Tuck Results?

It is advisable to start by stretching the abdominal area to eliminate the feeling of postoperative stretching. Disciplines such as yoga or pilates are particularly suitable for increasing muscle elasticity. However, they must be carried out under professional supervision like any other type of sport.

After 4 to 6 weeks, the patient will be able to perform exercises aimed at strengthening his abdominal area, in no case sports practices requiring excessive effort or a load of heavy objects.

This is an example of a good exercise routine to observe. Before starting the movements, we start by doing breathing exercises in a relaxed way in order to gently mobilize the abdominal muscles. We then increase the intensity of the breathing exercises, and we can then tackle the work of muscle tissue. After this breathing phase, the toning exercises begin. We do a short series of repetitions so as not to strain the abdomen too much. Finally, we practice flexion exercises. These are simple and very beneficial routines following this type of operation that allow real improvement in the medium and long term.

Performing physical exercises following a tummy tuck offer great benefits when it comes to recovering from the surgical process and obtaining even more satisfactory results. Sport is generally an ally to avoid gaining weight, maintain its muscles, firmness, and elasticity of its skin.